Hon. FDr. CPA Dr. Mariano M. Lerin, HFRI, DFRIAcc on his Conferment as Honorary Fellow

Excerpt from his Acceptance Speech and Special Message during his Conferment as Honorary Fellow of Royal Institution, Singapore

President, Liceo de Cagayan University
Former President, ASEAN Federation of Accountants
Former National President, Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Honorary Fellow, Royal Institution, Singapore

Excerpt from his Acceptance Speech and Special Message during his Conferment as Honorary Fellow of Royal Institution, Singapore
RI’s 16th International Conference and Conferment Ceremony | 13 February 2018 | Rodelsa Hall, Liceo de Cagayan University, Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

The Honorable Chairman Emeritus of the Royal Institution, Singapore; Honorable Doctor Fellow Professor CPA Dr. Gloria T. Baysa, Vice Chairman of the Board of Accountancy of the Philippines of the Professional Regulation Commission; Honorable Doctor Fellow, Dr. Gloria Baken Wong-Siy, Founding President of  Association of Administrators in Hospitality, Hotel & Restaurant Management Educational Institutions; Honorable Doctor Fellow, Professor Dr. Samuel M. Salvador, Chancellor of Royal Institution, Singapore; Honorable Doctor Fellow Oscar Cabañelez, President of Bukidnon State University; other officials of Royal Institution, Singapore, guests, friends, ladies and gentlemen, and my co-awardees, good afternoon! I am so pleased and honored with your presence.

I felt so humbled, yet flattered but most of all grateful, upon learning about this highly prestigious award to be conferred on me. Humbled, because I never bother think about whatever I have accomplished in my life. Flattered, because who wouldn’t be as human as I am. But above all, grateful because how would I have achieved all these things which justifies this award, if not for the “All Powerful One on High!” To the Ultimate Maker, Be the Glory!

I did not chart my life from where I started to wherever I am now. I just went on and still going with the flow to where life would eventually lead me. From an island in Bohol where I was born, to become a Cebuano most of my life and now embracing the Cagayanon Spirit working and staying here on working days for almost two decades now. I’m so blessed with work even with my physical condition now. Contrary to what I’ve always taught in class on the essence and how vital planning is, I did not put it into practice for the most part of my personal life- unknowingly or intentionally, I don’t even know. But surely, what I know is, I just did whatever my job expects me to do, and I think, I did my best!

Starting from an accounting clerk when I was in San Carlos University and moved on to become a teacher, I did not even think of becoming a College Dean in the College of Commerce and Graduate School, much more, getting a position I have at present as president of the university after my retirement in Cebu. I’m not suggesting to the younger ones and to the millennials not to plan their lives. But from my experience, good things come, if you perform honestly well, in whatever piece of work assigned to you. Without anybody looking at you, not counting the time, not expecting any reward, you always owe your organization, the best performance you can give. But in the retrospect, I had planned my life, who knows, if only I have planned my life, who knows, I should have run my own university now! However, I never have any regrets, I am happy with all my works, whatever I have and whoever I am now. I am very happy, contented and grateful because I know I did the best I can, and I did not shortchange anybody.

To be honest, at this stage of my life, I don’t expect any recognition anymore. I am old already. The little time left of us, me and my wife are already considering where to put the little mementos of our lives together, including the few awards I have received as we do not want to oblige our children to become depositories of these mementos to add to their own and those of their children’s. However, that does not diminish my joy receiving this award. I’m so grateful, thank you very much, Royal Institution, Singapore. Now, I can surely look back with so many to smile for, taking a long loving look at my whole life now. I realize, I may not have planned it for the most part, has always been part of God’s plan.

From me and my family, and on behalf of the other awardees, our sincere thanks to the Royal Institution, Singapore for the award. May you continue with your mission, because you inspire people to do good. I can only hope and pray, for our country to be blessed with more selfless people, whose concerns are not just their own, but that of the greater majority who are the under privileged. Again, thank you, Royal Institution, Singapore for this award and for the others, advance happy Valentine’s Day!