Ar. Jojito Jaime M. Ubiña on his Conferment as FRIA

Arch. Jojito Jaime M. Ubiña, UAP, FRIA's Manifestation

Arch. Jojito Jaime M. Ubiña, UAP, FRIA, on his Conferment as Fellow, Royal Institute of Architects, Singapore

Recognition is a manifestation of what you did yesterday, like accepting your mistakes, improving and learning from failures, on taking the experimental steps to determine and redefine processes towards achieving your goals, dreams and most of all, your mission in life.

Having been conferred as a Fellow of Royal Institute of Architects (RIA), Singapore, alongside my colleagues, is a monumental milestone to revitalize individual professionals; to remain humble while reaching the highest peak in one’s personal journey to success; to give back God’s Glory and powerful divine intervention in competing with oneself – to become a champion, successful and victorious.

Making a difference and going further, thriving in the profession - your personal ‘playground’ to limitless, boundless exploration of potentials, skills, and industriousness – it all gives a greater value to being remarkable, but one should never disregard the reference point where you started.

I am very thankful to Royal Institute of Architects, Singapore for the distinction given to me as an individual, as an achiever, thus, making myself more competitive. The medallion vested on me during the Conferment Ceremony held on the 28th of October 2017 symbolizes my faithful heart and commitment to take on more responsibilities to God, to my country, my family, my profession, and to myself, to march onward and to move forward.

We should be open to innovation, we should thank our critics, for with them, you will continuously improve your techniques, methods, strategies, and wise practical applications of learnings. Problems shall be treated as happy opportunities, get the purpose driven to ultimate education; rest to de-stress, and enjoy every moment. It challenges me more, to not stop soaring, to spread my wings to fly to distant spaces with new discoveries, to search, research, and welcome new ideas. Don’t forget to pray, plan, work hard, execute, and chase your dreams to come true. Don’t Despair, God Almighty Is With Us Always.