FDr. ENP Ar. Edilberto F. Florentino, LIKHA, HonFRI, DFRIA


Principal Architect, E. Florentino3 + Associates, Republic of the Philippines
Honorary Fellow, Royal Institution, Singapore

Acceptance Speech & Special Message as Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institution, Singapore
14th Global Congress & Conferment Ceremony
The Empire Hotel & Country Club, Brunei Darussalam
27 February 2019

My Illustrious co-honorees, my salute and high regard to the Honorable FDr. Atty. Hernando B. Perez, Officers, Members and Guests of Royal Institution, Singapore and Philippines. Ladies and Gentlemen:

This is one day I shall not forget. I saw the beauty and richness of Brunei Darussalam; I met and was enlightened by the speakers and wonderful people. And now, to top it all, I have been bestowed with the most prestigious award by a most prestigious organization, the Royal Institution, Singapore and coincidentally on the eve of my birthday to become a happy nonagenarian.

I have tried to discern what I have done to deserve this singular honor and the proudest moments of my life unfolds before me. Was it because of academics having been valedictorian in the secondary school, or as a part scholar in Mapua Institute of Technology, or as a honorary scholar in post-graduate studies in the University of the Philippines? Is it being an accredited Arbitrator and Mediator of the Construction Industry Arbitration Commission of the Philippines? Is it my receiving the LIKHA Gold Medal Award, the highest honor given to a Fellow of the United Architects of the Philippines? Or is it my professional, social and religious involvements? I really do not know.

Or perhaps, it could be one of my passions of my career.

Firstly, as President of the erstwhile League of Philippine Architects; we initiated the Panel of negotiators that succeeded in unifying the three architectural organizations then, and establishing in 1975, the United Architects of the Philippines, the accredited architectural organization.

Secondly, perhaps for my contributions, together with the Hon. Commissioner of the Philippine Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), Doctor Fellow and Honorary Fellow Ar. Yolanda Reyes, in crafting and working for the legislation and approval of the Republic Act 9266, the Architecture Act of 2004.

And thirdly, perhaps, it could be my lifetime passion of innovating architectural structures and elements, claiming together with my sons, fourteen approved patents to date.

Whatever is the rationale of my prestigious award, let me express my deepest gratitude to those behind it. For at this stage of my life, it will serve still as an inspiration for me to even do more and hopefully to inspire the people here to even do more.

Let me express my undying gratitude to the dynamic Chairman Emeritus, the Hon. FDr. Professor Dr. Ang Thian Soo for being responsible for my multi-tiered honors; his lovely daughter, President, FDr. Dr. Athena Georgene Ang, Chancellor FDr. Prof. Dr. Samuel Salvador and Chief Compliance Officer, FDr. Dr. Helen S. Molano, all of the Royal Institution, Singapore and the Philippines.

Finally, allow me to thank my caring and supportive children. I have to single out my co-honoree, my son, FDr. Ar. Edric Marco C. Florentino who I know is mainly responsible for my being here today to receive all these honors.

And most of all, I thank the Almighty who willed all these blessings I now enjoy.

Thank you and Mabuhay tayong lahat.

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