FDr. Ar. Francisco V. Alican, DFRIA


Consultant, R-II Builders, Inc.
Doctor Fellow, Royal Institute of Architects, Singapore

Excerpt from his letter of Gratitude to Royal Institution 24th International Conference and Conferment Ceremony in H2O Hotel, Manila, Philippines

Having been conferred as Doctor Fellow of the Royal Institute of Architects, Singapore is another monumental milestone of my career as an Architect. It is indeed "an additional feather in my wings . Thank you to the Royal Institution. I appreciate that the Institution has recognized my dedicated service, being a government architect in a span of 42 years, helping built human settlements that have transformed lives for the country's urban masses and inadequately sheltered. I contributed greatly in the development of mass-produced low-cost government housing for the Filipino people, being with the National Housing Authority from 1975 to 2017. I was involved in the Tonda Foreshore Urban renewal and Slum Improvement project, the Vilas and Smokey Medium Rise Housing Project and several Slum Upgrading Projects in Metro Manila, Philippines. I retired with NHA in 2017 and joined R•II Builders, Inc. as one among their consultant. For having been in good standing with the United Architects of the Philippines {UAP) continuously for more than thirty-five {35) years with the record of loyalty and remarkable service to the organization, I was elevated to the College of Fellows {COF) in 2016, conferred the title as Member Emeritus in 2017, registered as ASEAN Architect in 2018 and was recently conferred as APEC Architect by the Professional Regulatory Authority {PRA) and the United Architects of the Philippines. I am also thankful that the Institution has recognized my training in Public Housing as a Philippine government scholar in Singapore in 1984 with the

Housing Development Board {HDB). With the training I had, I contributed raising the standard of quality of socialized housing in the Philippines. I was once the NHA's official NCR representative in discussion with the national leadership. Being newly conferred Doctor Fellow is a distinctive honour bestowed upon me by the Institution, and one among the Filipino Architects who have distinguished themselves in the practice of Architecture and have rendered significant contributions to the profession. This is indeed a big honour. My warmest greetings to the Royal Institution, Singapore and the Royal Institution, Philippines in its 24th International Conference and Conferment Ceremony. Mabuhay!

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