1. What is Royal Institution?

Royal Institution of Singapore (RI) is a global, multidisciplinary, professional membership and accrediting institution that also serves as a premier platform for smarter and more effective global network connecting education, business, commerce and industries and facilitating collaboration and perpetual learning for more opportunities, benefits, privileges, better lifestyles, due recognition and excellence.

2. What set Royal Institution apart from others?

Royal Institution is probably the only institution in the world that has more than 222 Constituent Royal Institutes.

In addition, all directors, senior officers, and senior honorary officers of Royal Institution and all its 222 Constituent Royal Institutes have earned doctorates with relevant professional experience.

3. What is the significance of the word “ROYAL” in company names “Royal Institution” and its “222 Constituent Royal Institutes”?

Royal Institution’s registered and official address is at the Royal House, Singapore.

Royal House, Singapore is situated at 287 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247940 directly opposite the Embassy of People’s Republic of China, Singapore.

Royal House is the name of the building and it is duly registered with the relevant authorities of Singapore Government.

4. When was Royal Institution, Singapore established?

Royal Institution Pte Ltd, also known as Royal Institution (RI), Singapore with Company No. 200307961C, was incorporated in 2003 and duly registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA) - formerly known as the Registry of Companies and Businesses of Singapore (RCB or ROC).

5. When was Royal Institutions Inc., Philippines established?

Royal Institutions Inc. with Company No. (CS200316182) was also incorporated in the year 2003 and duly registered with Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), Philippines.

6. What is the relationship between Royal Institution, Singapore and Royal Institution, Philippines?

Royal Institution, Philippines is a regional office and the global resource centre of Royal Institution, Singapore.

7. Why does Royal Institution not advertise in Philippine newspapers and television?

Royal Institution has not participated in paid advertisements in print, broadcast, and televised media.

Royal Institution derives its publicity through word of mouth of its members.

Royal Institution strongly believes that RI members are its greatest asset and they will be very effective in publicizing RI’s Vision, Mission and Objectives throughout the Philippines and the world.

8. How many offices Royal Institution have?

Royal Institution currently has a regional office in the Philippines and liaison officers in Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Australia, Maldives, Canada, USA, and the People’s Republic of China.

9. How many members do you have in the Philippines?

Royal Institution, currently has approximately about 350,000 members in the Philippines.

Royal Institution has members throughout the Philippines from Ilocos Region in the North to Zamboanga Peninsula, Lanao del Sur, and Tawi Tawi Province in the South.

Royal Institution also has members from Australia, Canada, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States of America and other parts of the world.