Royal Institute of Management

Grades and Designations


Royal Institute of Management  Pte Ltd (200307128K) (RIM) was incorporated in 2003 and registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA). The Royal Institute of Management  Pte Ltd is guided and directed by a Governing Council, supported by an International Advisory Council, and assisted by Honorary Boards which comprise of RI members, all of whom have extensive professional experience, doctoral and/or post-doctoral qualifications. The Royal Institute of Management  Pte Ltd is one of the more than 300 constituent Royal Institutes of Royal Institution, Singapore. The RIM currently has regional offices in Singapore and in the Philippines and liaison officers in liaison officers in Australia, Canada, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Republic of Maldives, People’s Republic of China, United Kingdom and United States of America. Communication and networking are available online through the Royal Institution’s website or